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Subject: Call for Rotor Review Articles
The theme for the Winter issue of Rotor Review focuses on Mine Counter
Measures and we need your input!
The focus for the upcoming Rotor Review is the AMCM mission. Both the HM and
The HSC communities have an active role in this mission and Rotor Review
wants to give them the opportunity to share their experiences and insights.
The deadline for submissions is November 30.
Articles may be sent to our Editor in Chief, LT Shelby Gillis at
shelby.gillis at navy.mil <mailto:shelby.gillis at navy.mil>  or the Managing
Editor, Allyson Darroch at loged at navalhelicopterassn.org
<mailto:loged at navalhelicopterassn.org>  You can also send articles to the
community editors:
HSC East: LT Sam Calaway samuel.j.calaway at navy.mil
<mailto:samuel.j.calaway at navy.mil> 
HSC West: LT Edward McCarthy edward.j.mccarthy1 at navy.mil
<mailto:edward.j.mccarthy1 at navy.mil>   
HSM: LT Chris Campbell, USN at christopher.m.campbe at navy.mil
<mailto:christopher.m.campbe at navy.mil>  or LT Nick Oberkrom, USN,
nicholas.r.oberkrom at navy.mil <mailto:nicholas.r.oberkrom at navy.mil> 
Coast Guard: LT Marco Tinari, USCG at marco.m.tinari at uscg.mil
<mailto:marco.m.tinari at uscg.mil> 
Marine Corps: Capt Jeff Snell, USMC jeffrey.p.snell at usmc.mil
<mailto:jeffrey.p.snell at usmc.mil> 
The Rotor Review Editors

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