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I remember that incident well.  HS-2 Det 1 on Enterprise was on Yankee Station at the same time as Sara.  We felt bad for Jim and HS-7.  There were 4 carriers on Yankee station - all engaged in Operation Linebacker II - otherwise known as the "Christmas Bombing" that finally brought the war to a halt.  Except for Christmas day when only the helicopters and F-4s/CAP flew, Carriers bombed around the clock for several weeks, with Enterprise and Saratoga doing all the night ops.  Wx that whole period was generally crappy … 300 - 400 feet overcast and rain.  (Translation: blacker than the inside of a cow - for night flyers).  B-52s were plastering Hanoi and Haiphong every night with heavy Navy support/nighttime alpha strikes.  Several aircraft were lost - mostly to Combat.  It was both exhilarating and challenging flying, punctuated with sadness for the crews and hope for the POWs .  

It wasn’t all bad news for HS-7.  They rescued CAG 14 Ops officer who was was forced to bingo to Danang after his A-7 made a hard landing…I happened to be in the Tower that night and watched it unfold. The A-7 eventually lost oil pressure and he ejected 100 miles from the beach and the Dusty Dogs picked him up.  Did a great job of just finding him in the rough seas...No tape on his helmet, no strobe, just his PRC 63.  

Tom Phillips could probably give you all the gory details...

Sandy Clark

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> Bob Dunn might have been in HS-7 at this time.
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>> Anyone in HS-7 then and remember this? Mgb
>> Attached is a page from the USS Saratoga deck log.  HS-7 ditched a helo  1-1-1973
>> Ron Milam     (Lil Ron)     HC-7 Historian
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>> <HS-7-CRASH-Pages from Saratoga-CV-60-1973-01.pdf>
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