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I would imagine that taking a flight of 6 helicopters under the Golden Gate Bridge would also be frowned upon these days!


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We got away with that kind of exciting flyover back in my day.  TINS. Once upon a time in early ‘72 our airwing was tagged to perform a flyby at the NAS Lemoore or the LATWINGPAC COC - I don’t recall which.  The ceremony was in front of the base admin building.  The lead was a department head from a sister squadron and I was right wing in the delta.  Lead set up to depart a point 30 miles south from around 15,000ft.  Of course, we were to cruise by just as the Anthem concluded.  We headed inbound at high power in a gradual descent and by the time we leveled off I could tell that we were going as fast as I had ever been in my life.  The main gate flashed by about 100’ below immediately followed by the admin building’s Stars and Stripes to my left about 50’ below us.  

When we got back to the hangar someone’s duty officer told the lead “they” wanted to see him at LATWING HQ.  When he got there “they” yelled at him about scaring h____ out of the guests.  The Commodore’s wife had been especially frightened by the spectacle.  

Getting yelled at ended the matter and he went on getting more famous for other antics, screened for a fleet squadron and retired as a captain.  


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