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To all NHA Members Past and Present:
This weekend marks the opening of our long-awaited Lifetime Membership
Program.  I know there was an article in Rotor Review that covered it but I
wanted to supply you with a Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) to help answer some
questions. Below are the Member Types you should see in your drop-down, on
the website renewal page, when you elect your Lifetime Membership:
During Launch Window 15 February to 15 May
Officer Active (post Nugget Membership)=$600.00
Officer Reservist Selres Reservist<59 in age=$500.00
Nugget Officer 01/02=$500.00
Officer Retired Reserve Former=$500.00
Civilian<59 in age=$500.00
Enlisted Active Reserve Selres Retired=$300.00
Over the age of 59, we ask that you call in and we can walk you through the
process.  The following are the price tiers:
Age 60 to 65 Special Price $450.00
Age 66 to 70 Special Price $400.00
Age 71 to 79 Special Price $300.00
Age 80 to 82 Special Price $  75.00
Age 83 to 84 Special Price $  40.00
Age 85 = FREE
After Symposium 2020, the only price that will change will be the ACTIVE
OFFICER price.  All others remain the same.  After the launch window, the
Active Officer price will return to $700.00. $100 Discount, for Officer
Active, will remain in effect at all times during the following situations:
FDNF, Deployment, Symposium, and Gulf Coast Fleet Fly-In.  This discount
will reduce the total to $600.00 during these events. 
If you are FDNF or Deployed, we need you to contact us directly so we can
process your discount at membership at navalhelicopterassn.org
Your Lifetime Membership will be invested in an endowment for the
organization that will ensure NHA remains strong, viable, and relevant. 
Officer Active that currently have a 3 or 5 year membership, please call in
and we can prorate what you have left toward your new Lifetime Membership.
Again, if you are an Officer Active with a 3  or 5-year membership, call in
and if your prorate is larger than your launch discount ($100), we will give
you credit towards that amount.  For example, if you just paid $110 towards
a three year and have $105 left towards your membership, we will make your
launch price $595.  Again, if that is confusing, call in.  Please understand
you can only get one discount.  Either the prorate or discount, but choose
If you currently have a 3 or 5 year membership, and you are not an Officer
Active, we will give you a prorate credit towards your new Lifetime
membership.  Again, to get this, please call in.
Payment plan!  We offer flexible payment plans that you can stretch over one
year.  Make 4 easy payments (or less) that need to be paid in full over one
year.  Once you are fully paid, we will send you your Membership Coin.  To
do the payment plan option again, you will need to call in so we can start
the process on our end.
We are still working a few issues with the website, and getting the launch
perfect.  If you run into any question while on the website  please call
Check us out at https://www.navalhelicopterassn.org/  .
CDR Michael "BUS" Short, USN
NHA VP of Membership
michael.m.short at gmail.com
(619) 545-8321
(904) 735-7853

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