2014-Present: Field Examiner, CO (govt civilian) for the Veterans Administration (VA); Responsible for determining the best-suited fiduciary for the needs and situation of Veterans and other beneficiaries who are unable to manage their VA funds – responsible for the Western Slope of CO west of Denver.
– Duties include conducting field examinations (~25-30/month) to appoint fiduciaries at the federal level for beneficiaries who are unable to manage their VA funds, ensuring Veterans and other beneficiaries receive the full range of VA benefits to which they are entitled, and conducting investigations involving the misuse of VA funds.
2003-2014: Chief, Interagency Strategy/Plans & Humanitarian Assistance Program Division (govt civilian, supervised 35 people) for NORAD-USNORTHCOM Interagency Directorate (N-NC/J9), Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, CO
– Resource Manager and primary government Contracting Officer Representative (COR), for 11 years for J9 Directorate $12M/year Operational budget – wrote/administered all service/equip support/ construction contracts, including Statement of Work (SOW), Performance Work Statements (PWS), and Request for Proposals (RFPs). Expert knowledge of FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations).
– Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) since 6 Aug 2011 by PMI (Project Management Institute). Seasoned Program Manager – preparing for Program Manager national PgMP certification from PMI. Reliable – Security Clearance: Top Secret/SCI
– USNORTHCOM Humanitarian Assistance (HA) Program Manager (PM) – responsible for strategic and tactical planning/executing $10M/year HA program to enable DOD access and influence to enhance disaster preparedness and consequence management capacity for Mexico and The Bahamas. Collaborated with 12 separate project managers as their PM and Control Account Manager to develop and implement cost controls/management activities for over 60 HA projects. Established schedule critical path for all projects, developed metrics to measure and evaluate project progress, risk analysis and timely acceptance of all project deliverables. Expertise with all MS (Excel, Project, etc) products.
– USG Emergency Management Community expert: As Chief of Interagency Strategy/Plans and HA Program Div, have significant knowledge/experience with national preparedness programs, policies and objectives. Knowledgeable on key USG agencies involved in all-hazard planning/response, and development of Fed/Reg/State emergency management op/contingency planning products and command/control relationships related to disaster mitigation, preparedness, response & recovery, including FEMA Reg VIII planning initiatives and operations.
– Emergency Manager: Chief of the Interagency Coordination Center (ICC) operations center that stood-up/responded to every major national level disaster in U.S. since 2003, by coordinating DOD assistance to State/Regional/Federal civil agencies, including response to Hurricane Sandy and Waldo Canyon Fires
2001-2003: Director of Operations (J3) (supervised 120 person Ops Center/Dept), for National Joint Interagency Task Force South (JIATF-S), Key West, FL; Retired military service Aug 2003, 4000 flight hours;
– Property Manager/Renovator: Heavily involved in planning/execution to combine two disparate operation centers communication and counterdrug systems from operations and manning perspective, including all comms, radar processing, fusion, cryptographic, video/tactical data link systems that supported building, using and sharing a common operational picture, to enable command/control of operational forces assigned to JIATF-S.
– Operator: Personally worked with numerous US & Allied Law Enforcement Agencies to direct daily tactical employment of counterdrug US/Foreign partner nation/allied surface ships/aircraft to conduct intel-based daily detection and monitoring (D&M) in/around all of Mexico, Central & South America, Caribbean, East Pacific. Responsible for interdiction/seizure 165 Metric Tons ($18B) of cocaine in CY03
– Supervisor: Provided daily strategic and operational management for 120 person J3 Ops Directorate, including 24×7 60-person JIATF-S Ops Center.
– Resource/Budget/Personnel Manager: Managed $750M/year budget to conduct CD/CT operations, and personally managed J3 Directorate specific O&M budget of $7M/year
– Technical expert on info-sharing of sig/elint/imagery Intel products between multi-agency, multi-national, military and law enforcement agencies with various levels of classification/release authority.
– Generated and executed COOP (Continuity of Operations) plans for JIATFS Ops Center and Ops Directorate, to reconstitute 24×7 time-critical counter drug ops w/i12 hours of departure from Key West to base 500 miles away. Evacuated/returned 9 times w/i 3 years due to hurricanes.
– Briefer: Primary command/operations briefer for ~1200 US/Foreign executive level visitors every year.
1999-2011: Navy Department Operations Center Chief (supervised 30 people), for Chief of Naval Operations, OPNAV N32 Current Operations, Pentagon, Washington DC
– USG engineering and operational sole representative to ensure successful on-time completion of contracted construction of new 8000 sq-ft Navy Command Center within the 1st floor of the Pentagon, which housed over 100 watch standing personnel supporting real-world operations.
– Chief of Naval Operation’s Operation Center Chief, Duty Planner, and first call-taker/representative 24/7 for all Operational matters, Joint Staff actions and Congressional Liaison requests for the entire Navy. Senior ranking officer on duty in the Pentagon and initial emergency action executor for the Navy on USS COLE terrorist bombing and USS GREENVILLE collision/sinking of EHIME MARU
– Technical and operational expert for all DoD and U.S. Navy information sharing architectures used to communicate and task war-fighting assets during crisis action contingency operations.
– Generated and conducted training/exercise-execution on COOP contingency relocation plan for the Navy Command Center to re-establish 24×7 Navy Command Center operations within 6 hours of departure 150 miles from the Pentagon to Site-R. Negotiated space/comm equipment with Site-R for Navy Alternate Command Center, in disrepair previous 10 yrs
1997-1999: Electronics Program Manager / Specialty Engineer (supervised 25 people), for Mission Research Corporation (MRC), Colorado Springs, CO:
– Provided Program Management oversight and cost/schedule reporting for $18M Joint Navy/Air Force DOD contract for a Generic Radar Target Generator (GRTG) for aircraft radar test facilities at Patuxent River Naval Air Station and Edwards Air Force Base. Maximum award fee on all phases from USG.
– Directed team of 25 hardware/software engineers; Provided Specialty Engineer services, Quality Assurance (QA), Configuration Management (CM), Life Cycle Cost (LCC), Security analyses on contract.
1994-1997: Shift Supervisor/Commander for two Operation Centers; Chief of Systems Integration (supervised 20 people) NORAD, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado Springs, CO:
– Provided daily strategic and operational management as Director for a 50 person Systems/Computer Integration Directorate, including maintaining tenant spaces assigned, as Shift Commander for 20-person 24×7 Space Control Center, and as Mission Director (MD) in the NORAD/USSPACECOM Command Center for a 60 person Bravo Crew.
– Provided daily oversight to keep software/hardware test/eval on track to integrate $2.8B Cheyenne Mountain Upgrade (CMU) of all Missile/Air/Space warning systems. Successful completion of CMU, after 13 years of program delays.
1992-1994: Commanding Officer (supervised 400 people, 24 H-1N and SH-3G helicopter aircraft), for Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 16 (Fleet Readiness & USN SAR School Squadron), NAS Pensacola, FL, including two hangar and school-house facilities supporting 400 full-time employees and 150 students at any given time. Personally responsible for safety/maintenance/operations of H-1N Squadron w/ $35M/yr budget; Trained 550 H-1N pilots/aircrew; rescued 170 personnel w/I 8th USCG District; CNO Aviation Safety Award 1993; Deployed SH-3G dets to N Atlantic, Carib, East Pacific
1991-1992: Senior Student, Air War College, Maxwell, AFB, Montgomery, AL: Awarded the U.S. Space Foundation Award 1992 for research on “Military Man in Space, Projected to 2025
1989-1991: Maintenance Officer and Det OIC (supervised 200 people, 24 CH-46 helicopters), for Helicopter Combat Support Squadron-6, Norfolk, VA: Conducted vertical replenishment logistic support for U.S. Naval forces deployed worldwide; Helicopter Detachment Officer-in-Charge (OIC) for 5 deployments of 24 personnel & 2 Aircraft, including Operation Desert Storm; Managed $25M/year maintenance budget
1986-1989: Masters Program – MSEE Electrical Engineer/Space Systems Engineer, Naval Post Graduate School (NPS), Monterey, CA: Space Research Team, designed experiment launched on Shuttle, 1990. Out of 300 selected to brief thesis to NPS Superintendent: “Attitude Control for Crew/Equipment Retriever (CERS), for Space Station”
1979-1986: U.S. Navy Helicopter Pilot / Flight Instructor / Air Boss and Habitability Officer, Pensacola, FL; Norfolk, VA; As Habitability Officer, completely gutted/rebuilt berthing spaces for 1200 personnel in 9 months on USS Inchon (1984-1986) while in shipyard; 4000 accident free hours/2400 hours as Flight Instructor; USN Flight Instructor of Year ’83 at HT-18 (1982-1984) ; HC-6 (1979-1982); HT-18 winged Nov 1979; VT-6, T-28C;
Education/Quals: MSEE, 1989, Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), Monterey, CA United States; BS Ocean Engineering, 1977 United States Naval Academy (USNA), Annapolis, MD, United States; Three-time USN selectee and NASA finalist for Mission Specialist; Eagle Scout; Pikes Peak Marathon, 1995, 1998, 2005