Naval Helicopter Association Historical Society Founders

The Naval Helicopter Association Historical Society (NHAHS) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit public benefit, charitable corporation currently headquartered at Naval Air Station North Island (NASNI), San Diego, California, was founded originally in Bonita, California on May 12, 1997 by nine original founders. They were:

CDR Donald J. Hayes USN (Ret.)      CDR Lloyd L. Pathemer USN (Ret.) CDR Hugh F. McLinden Jr. USN (Ret.)

CAPT William F. Quarg USN (Ret.)   CAPT Alfred E. Monahan USN (Ret.)  CAPT Charles B. Smiley USN (Ret.)

Mr. Harold Nachlin                        CAPT George E. Smith USN (Ret.)     CAPT Robert S. Vermilya USN (Ret.)

NHA Founds Article RR100

NHAHS Plankowners

Plankowner is a term used by the United States Navy, and has consequently been variously defined by different units. The origin of the term is the implication that a crew member was around when the ship was being built and commissioned, and therefore has bragging rights to the “ownership” of one of the planks in the main deck.

Historically, a plankowner in the United States Navy and United States Coast Guard, or his widow, could petition the Naval Historical Center’s Curator Branch for a piece of the deck when the ship was decommissioned. This practice has been discontinued and stocks of planking that existed at the Curator branch have been donated to various veteran’s organizations.

Sailors who are plankowners at their current command often have the word “PLANKOWNER” embroidered on the back of their uniform ball cap to denote this designation. A plaque is placed aboard the ship with the crew names. When in port, the departure of a plankowner for the final time is usually announced on the 1MC public announcing system with a bell-ring, as <ding, ding> Plankowner, departing!

The following names are the plankowners of the NHA Historical Society founded in 1997:

Ace, Bob  Cole, Lawrence Gardner, Joe W.  Lamberth, Billy Page, Wade Soto, John
Armstrong, Victor  Conner, Jack Gaudio, Jan  Lang, William Parkinson, Bob Sparks, Neil
Asbury Harry  Cook, John Gjerman, Larry  Leach, Walter Parthemer, Anne Staight, Walter
Aut, Warren  Coombs, Frank Glenzer, Glen  Lester, Walter Parthemer, Lloyd Starr, Mark
Ayers, A.  Cosgrove, Joe Gonzalez, Rene  Libertino, Dan Pennington, Dan Stephens, W
Badger, Terry  Cox, William Goodrow, Donald  Liles, Lewis Pepper, H. Vernon Stoker, Ron
Balderson, Gerald  Craft, Charles Goodrow, Rosalyn  Littleton, Kron Philips Duane Stuyvesant, Elizabeth
Barck, Dale  Crooker, Ronald Gordinier, Harold  Lloyd, Rogers Personius, Bill Suzan, Frank
Bartholom, Tomas  Culley, William Gore, James  Lovejoy, James Petersen, Carl Swan, David
Bateman, Everett  Dahill, Edward Graham, Stewart  Lowe, Kenneth Pocklington, W Taunt, Mel
Batterby, Robert Dallas, Bruce Granderson, Aaron  Lyter, George Pocklington, Tom Terry, William
Bean, David Daly, John Granuzzo, Andrew  Maaske, Gary Poisson, Phil Thornton, John
Bergsma, Earl Davey, Daniel Green, Herbert  MacArthur, Jim Pohl, Matthew Tibbatts, Tom
Biestek, James Davison, Lee Gregory, Donald  Manuel, Donald Punzelt, David Tomaszeski, Steven
Bilicki, Daniel DeGregor, Robert Griessal Rodger  Maresh, Douglas Purtell, Joseph Uke, Alan
Billings, Lee DeNigro, Joseph Hall, Daniel  Maresh, Julie Quarg, William Vanderberg, Mark
Billings, Alan Densmore Wayne Hansen, Daniel  Marion, Ken Ramage, Jig Dog Vandermolen, Thomas
Blumenth, Louis Dick, Richard Hayes, Donald  Marriott, Michael Rannells, David Vermilya, Ginny
Box, Melvin Direckman, Byron Hayes, Christopher  Marten, William Ranoa, Calvin Vermilya, Robert
Brady, Joseph Dixon William Hayes, Margaret  Maxwell, Kenneth Reber, Mike Vorenkamp, Todd
Brand, Richard Dixon, Jewel Hayes, Maria  McCracken, David Redman, Robert Walker, John “Scotty”
Brooks, Charles Doane, Bob Hayes, Ryan  McDermaid,  Steven Reynolds, M.L “Bud” Walker, James Ray
Brown, Ian Dobyns, John Hayes, Thomas  McDonald,  Harrison Rich, Roger Walker, James
Brown, Lewis Don, Theodore Henry, Donald  McKeller, Mary Ries, John Waring, James
Bruning Richard Don, Kristy Hickman, Brian  McKinnon, Dan Ritzman, Robert Wentworth, Beuford “Ben”
Buchanan, Buck Dreher Richard Higginson, John  McLinden, James Roulstone, Douglas White, Michael
Bullard, Robert Duffy, Philip Howard, Edward  McNeal, Willie Rullo, Guiseppe Whitfield, Howard
Burritt, John Duncan, Lloyd Johnson, Henry  McTighe, Roger Russ, Matthias Whitten, Paul
Burton, Lawrence Eagan, Bryan Johnson, Raymond  Mellin, Richard Samuels, Bernard Willett,  John
Bush, William Earl, Raymond Jones, Charles  Meyer, Robert Samuels, Mrs. B. Williamson, Eddie
Cagle, George Elerick, Robert Jones, Donald  Millikin, Steve Schock, Robert Wombie, Robert “Bob”
Cagle, Susan Elwell, Howard Jones, Robert  Monahan, Alfred Scholl, Theodore Zidbeck, Jo Ann
Cain, William Emig, Al Jowers, Jim  Moore, J. Schroeder, Kenneth Zidbeck, William
Caine Paul Fairbanks, Ralphs Kircher, Hardy  Moore, Paul Schidle, John Zinser, Harry
Carleton, Reid Farrar, Malone Kollmorgan, L  Morrell, George Shappee Rudolph  
Carlos, Tomas Fazio, Louis Krueger, Richard  Moringer, Edward Sheldon, Edward  
Cassani, Henry Felten, Robert Kubicki, Edward  Moss, Bill Skrzypek, Joe  
Chitwood, Todd Fieser, Arnold Kubicki, Mrs. Ed.  Murray, Roger Smiley, Charles  
Christensen, Roland Ford, William Lackey, Terry  Nachlin, Harold Smiley, Karen  
Close, Robert Fuqua, Michael Lawson, Thomas  Nicholas, Philip Smith, George  
Coats, Lloyd Gann, James Leets, Frank  Oxendorf, Eric Smith, Maribeth