Search the Navy R List Naval Helicopter Designator List using any one of the following search options below: a designator number range (any number from 1 to 35,000 plus), winging date range (01/01/1979, month, day and year) or by last name only or by Navy file number only.  Do not use a combination of search factors when searching. Use one search factor only.

This digital list is Navy R List only. This list does not include Navy T List numbers. Do not use the R or T letter when you do a designator number range search. Use number only. Remember any number which is listed is actually officially "R-12230" as an example to be correct officially, particularly for early number. We removed the letter R in front of early numbers when creating the digital DB for ease. Modern numbers these days on the R List at the HTs do not have the R associated with the list; Just the number. R is Old School Naval Rotary Wing.

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