Navy Helicopter-related Commands

The following history listing is for other Navy helicopter-related squadrons or organizations with helicopter pilots as Commanding Officers. Click link to go to a particular listing:

VX-1 • HX-21 • DCMA Boeing Philadelphia • DCMA Lockheed Martin Owego

VX-1 (formerly Anti-submarine Development Det LANTFLT)
Aircraft Anti-Submarine Devleopment Det LANTFLT
A.B. Vasseller JUL 43

VX-1 (formerly Naval Rotary Wing Aircraft Test Squadron)
Naval Rotary Wing Aircraft Test Squadron
W.S. Lawrence MAY 89

DCMA Boeing Philadelphia
J. Jackson MAY 89
S. Labows MAY 09
M.J. Reardon SEP 12
R.B. Devany JUL 15

DCMA Lockheed Martin Owego
C.S. Clark MAY 78
 G.M. Montgomery JUN 81