RESCUE 8 (1) 23-NOV-1967 (Thursday)

UH-46A Boeing Sea-knight helo DET 102
USS Mars (AFS-1) Routine Day (2)
0.5 – 1.0 miles off the South Vietnam coast
Sea State: 6 foot

Pilot – LT David L. Kinsey
Co-pilot – LTJG Dennis E. Neumann
1st crew – AME-3 Stephen W. Goulart
2nd crew – AN Noel L. Hand

137th Engineers 19th Engineers Battalion – U.S. Army
SP/4 G.E. Diemert

During the salvage operations of the aground USS Clarke County (LST-601), the MARS is anchored off CAP MIA, Republic of South Vietnam, within the hostile fire zone.(9) During vert-rep operations which began at 06:35, at 14:00 helo #51, receives a radio message, 2 mile flight, helo crew locates SP/4 Diemert, afloat on air mattress, off the coast of Duc Pho, South Vietnam.(3) He was recovered from the ocean because he was unable to swim back to shore.(9)

The helo crew prepares hoist, lowered sling, 14:05 hoisted Diemert aboard. 5 minute duration rescue time, a sea state of 6 feet. Weather good at site with six foot swells. 14:10 helo #51 arrives on deck.(3)(9) The ship’s medical officer examined him, no physical injuries were noted and a chest X-ray proved negative., determined he could return to duty.(9)

The helo crews continue to shuttle 40mm ammunition from USS Clarke County to USS Alamo. 18:44 helos aboard MARS, flight quarters secured for the day.(9)




Notes: (not in order)
1) Numbering as per HC-7 Rescue Log (accumulative rescue number)
2) HC-7 1967 Command Report
3) HC-7 Det 108 Rescue report
4) MAP – Google Earth – position USS MARS deck log
9) USS MARS (AFS-1) Deck Log – Thursday – 23-Nov-1967
10) HC-7 History collection; Ron Milam – Historian

(Compiled / written by: Ron Milam, HC-7 Historian – HC-7, 2-1969 to 7-1970, Det 108 & 113)