Aviation Machinist’s Mate Third Class Callis C. Gooding, USN

navy cross

The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting
Callis C. Gooding, Aviation Machinist’s Mate Third Class, U.S. Navy
For service as set forth in the following

For extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations against an armed enemy of the United Nations while serving as crewman of a helicopter in Helicopter Squadron ONE (HU-1), Unit FOURTEEN, attached to H.M.A.S. Sydney, during the rescue of two downed airmen behind enemy lines near Sariwon, Korea, on 26 October 1951. Despite grave hazards presented by the limited flying range of the rescue helicopter, approaching darkness, and the certainty of capture or possible death if the mission failed, Aviation Machinist’s Mate Third Class Gooding voluntarily accompanied the helicopter pilot deep into enemy-held territory to assist in the rescue. Approaching the objective in the face of intense, hostile anti-aircraft and small arms fire, Aviation Machinist’s Mate Third Class Gooding provided effective cover and fire support with a submachine gun, accounting for two enemy casualties during the period in which the helicopter landed, picked up the two airmen and departed to the safety of Kimpo airfield eighty miles away. By his great personal courage and inspiring devotion to duty, Aviation Machinist’s Mate Third Class Gooding contributed in large measure to the successful rescue of the downed airman. His actions reflect the highest credit upon himself and the United States Naval Service.

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