NHA Symposium 2018 Reunion Group Hotel Room Suite “Sweet”/Offer

Incentives for 2018 NHA Symposium Reunion/Anniversary/Squadron/Command Groups

One Marriott Presidential Suite
One Marriott King 1 Bedroom Suite
One Marriott King 1 Bedroom Suite
One Madison Meeting Room 13×26 338 sq ft 3rd Floor-Empty but can be equipped with tables & chairs
One Tyler Meeting Room 13×24 312 sq ft 3rd Floor- Empty but can be equipped with tables & chairs
The link included shows what the suites look like www.marriott.com/hotels/hotel-rooms/orfws-norfolk-waterside-marriott/
These suites and rooms are to be made available to the winning groups during the 2018 Symposium, May 14-18, 2018, 4 days & nights to symposium reunion/anniversary/squadron/command groups who have signed up with the NHA Retired Reunion Manager prior to March 15, 2018 through the following protocol.
The protocol will be based on the total number of specific group attendee dollars expended at the 2018 NHA Symposium by April 23, 2018 based on the numbers of paid NHA members, Marriott Waterside hotel rooms booked and paid, NHA Symposium paid admissions and all other scheduled 2018 NHA Symposium events/activities requiring payment. This total can be further augmented by specific group activities organized booked and paid through the Marriott Waterside Hotel during the 2018 Symposium.
Group POCs will provide the NHA Retired Reunion Manager, CDR Mike Brattland USN-Ret retiredreunionmgr@navalhelicopterassn.org an email acknowledging their group’s intention to participate in the protocol by March 15, 2018 and a list of names for their groups prior to April 23, 2018 to be used by NHA to tally the winning groups for the incentive suites and meeting rooms above.
On or immediately after April 23, 2018, each group list of attendees will be matched to the NHA 2018 Symposium attendance data base to determine the total dollar amount spent towards all formal 2018 NHA Symposium events by the respective group members. Based on these totals, the 5 suites/meeting rooms will be awarded in order to the top 5 groups based on this protocol. These five complimentary spaces are free to use by these groups except for the following:
With any complimentary suite/meeting room that NHA will provide, there are NO fee’s/taxes applied to the 5 suites/meeting rooms above. The only thing the awarded group would be responsible for would be incidentals such as parking, room service, damage etc. and any food, drink, or other services planned by the group through the Marriott Hotel or other sources. The POC or designated rep for the group will be required to sign for the suite/meeting room with the Marriott Hotel, providing a credit card to cover any and all services the group might buy thru this suite or meeting room with the Marriott Hotel. NHA will not be responsible for any charges or other services used by these groups in the five suites/meeting rooms.
Once the April 23, 2018 tally is made, winning groups will be notified immediately through their respective POCs. Any questions can be directed to the NHA Retired Reunion Manager retiredreunionmgr@navalhelicopterasssn.org