The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting
the AIR MEDAL with Bronze Star for  the First Award to
Lieutenant (junior grade), Alan James BILLINGS, United States Naval Reserve
for service as set forth in the following

“For heroic achievement in aerial flight as co–pilot of the wing ship in a flight of two UH-lB helicopter gunships attached to Helicopter Attack (Light) Squadron THREE, Detachment THO on 19 Hay 1968. Lieutenant (junior grade) BILLINGS was called to aid the Nhon Trach District Headquarters which was under attack by an estimated company of Viet Cong and in serious danger of being overrun.  Then thunderstorm activity caused them to become separated, Lieutenant (junior grade) BILLINGS skillfully navigated the wing aircraft back to Nha Be to rejoin the lead ship.  He aided the lead in the low level navigation which brought them to the besieged compound. During the numerous low level attack runs that had to be made, Lieutenant (junior grade) BILLINGS constantly exposed himself to the savage preplanned cross fire of auto­matic weapons to direct his four flex mounted machine guns on the enemy. His intensely accurate fire caused the attackers to break and run in confusion, sustaining numerous casualties.  After the fire team had expended all of its ordnance, Lieutenant (junior grade) BILLINGS re­mained on the scene, despite low level fuel state, and aided in direct­ing a relief fire team on to the concealed enemy, breaking their will to fight and forcing them to flee the area.  Lieutenant (junior grade) BILLINGS’ courage under heavy fire and professional performance in the face of great danger were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.”

                        For the President

                             John J. Hylund

           Admiral, U. S. Navy

                           Commander in Chief U. S. Pacific Fleet

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