Pilot Designator Number Search Test Page

Do you know your pilot designator number? Search using any one of the search options.  Search by  using your “Last Name,” Pilot Designator Number, File Number, Winging Date, Service, or Rank.  For name, enter your  last name only.  For Pilot Designator number search put in both a beginning and ending Pilot Designator number. For Winging Date, put in a beginning and ending  month, day and year in the following format “01/02/2004 ” .  For search by service use either “USNR, USN, USMCR, USMC , USCGR or USCG.”  For search by rank use a rank such as, 2/LT, 1/LT, ENS, LTJG, etc..

If you are looking for a friend in your class or around yourself during flight training, the easiest way to find them is “Winging Date” using beginning and ending dates which bracket your winging date.

To get out of your search results, use the highlighted “Search Again” option or simply click on the upper page menu on “Pilot  Designators” which will easily bring you back to the beginning screen without having to scroll backwards. Before you begin a new search, make sure you manually remove the old search data from the entry blocks before entering new search data.


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Pilot Designator Number leading to a Listing

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