Forwarded for the CO of HSC-2 CDR Marv W. “Marvelous” Carlin HSC-2 “Fleet
Angels”, Commanding Officer
I would like to report to the entire Alumni that yesterday HSC-2 performed a burial at sea for CAPT Glenn Skinner. His obit can be found at this link,
When the Wing assigned this mission to us, we did not know that CAPT Skinner was a CO here from 1967-68. We discovered it for ourselves when we contacted the family this week. His surviving wife, children (his son was a HSL pilot) and one grandchild were in attendance. Redhawk 731 flew his ashes to a determined lat/long and they were dispersed into the Atlantic Ocean. The aircrew taxied in front of the hangar for the family and his final orders were carried out. We are still planning to bring Redhawk 702, the “Blue Deuce”, up to Lakehurst in October. See you there.
Best wishes to all.
CDR Marv W. “Marvelous” Carlin
HSC-2 “Fleet Angels”, Commanding Officer