NHAHS Helicopter Photo Gallery

“A picture is worth a thousand words!” In this case, it is “visual proof” of a sea story told by a helicopter pilot, an aircrewman, a rescue swimmer or a maintainer. View our naval helicopter history through photos below.


If you would like to share a photo with us to add to this collection, please click to contact us or to submit your photo and caption that explain(s) the photo(s)

Please click on the following to view the photos that give our history a vision:

HO3S Horse
H-1 Huey
H-57 Jet Ranger A
H-57 Jet Ranger B
H-57 Jet Ranger C
H-2 Sea Sprite
H-57 Jet Ranger B
H-57 Jet Ranger C
H-2 Sea Sprite
H-46 Seaknight A
H-46 Seaknight D
H-46 Seaknight UH
H-60 Seahawk B
H-60 Jayhawk T
H-60 Seahawk F
H-60 Seahawk H
H-60 Seahawk R
H-60 Seahawk S
H-53 Sea Stallion
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