Coast Guard Helicopter History

Early USCG Helicopter History

The following early US Coast Guard Helicopter History was kindly shared by the Coast Guard Aviation Association, their Coast Guard Aviation History website and John Bear Moseley, Historian, Coast Guard Aviation Association. John Bear Moseley is the principal author of these short historical stories unless otherwise annotated, about Coast Guard Aviation using research documents and materials  from the Coast Guard Aviation Association.


Coast Guard Aviation in Vietnam-Combat Rescue and Recovery

1980 Mariel Boat lift -Cuban Exodus

2005 Hurricane Katrina -NAM Foundation

CGAA Hall of Honor

MacDee & Swede

CDR Frank Erickson USCG


Coast Guard Aviation Association-the Ancient Order of the Pterodactyl

The Coast Guard Aviation Association, formerly known as the Ancient Order of the Pterodactyl is a fraternal association founded in 1977. The organization has the purpose of focusing on United States Coast Guard aviation history.

1943-Coast Guard Assigned Sea Going Development of the Helicopter

1943 CoastGuard assigned Sea Going Development of the Helicopter

1946-Coast Guard Post WWII Helicopter

1946 CG Post WWII helicopter

1951-ASW Warfare Becomes a Reality

1951 ASW Warfare becomes a reality


1963 HH52

The HH-52A-Those that Flew It

The HH-52A – Those that flew it

The HH-52A Helicopter-CDR Frank Lawley Shelly USCG

The HH-52-Helicopter

Polar Operations Begin

Polar Operations begin

1951 Coast Guard Acquires the HO4S Helicopter

1951 Coast Guard acquires the HO4S Helicopter

The Coast Guard Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron

The Coast Guard Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron

Despair and Visions: Birth of The Rescue Helicopter-Prologue to the book, “WONDERFUL FLYING MACHINES,” BY TOM BEARD

December 7 for 75th