Silver Crew Chief Award

Silver Crew Chief Award - AFCM Bill "Red Dog" Moss, USN (Ret.) awarded to recognize the oldest living Naval Aircrewman.

Enlisted in the Navy Oct 31, 1963

NTC Great Lakes 10/31/1963-2/7/64

NATTC Memphis (ADR A School) 2/7/64-6/15/64

NAF NAHA, Okinawa 7/4/64-12/15/65 Aircrew on UC45J and HU16C/D

VP46, NAS Moffett Field, California 1/15/66-6/15/67 Powerplant Shop and U-Tapao, Thailand Detachment Power Plants LPO.

HT8 NAAS Ellyson Field, FL 7/15/67-3/1/69 H34 Phase Maintenance, Engine Turn Qualified.  Qualified as an 8285 Rescue Swimmer.  USS Lexington SAR Det.

NAF NAHA Detachment Tango, Tainan, Taiwan 3/15/69-4/30/73.  Flight line LPO and POL LPO.  Flight test crewman UH1/OV10 Air Asia Company Limited, Radio Operator China MAAG C47.

NATTC Memphis (ADJ B School) 5/30/73-8/1/73

VA122 NAS Lemoore, Calif 8/15/73-6/10/76 Special Aircraft Div LPO, T28/T39 Plane Capt and Turn Up Qualified.  A7 Line Div LPO.  Flight Deck Line and Troubleshooter LPO.

PMRF Barking Sands, Kauai. 6/16/76-6/16/80.  Line LPO. UH3A Plane Capt. SAR Swimmer and Weapons Recovery Qualified. Advanced to ADC and ADCS.

NAS Fallon, Nevada. 8/1/80-10/5/83 Aircraft Maintenance Senior Chief.  Inland/High Altitude SAR Crewman. Rappel Master.

NAS Agana, Guam. 11/11/83-9/1/84 UH1N Aircraft Maintenance Senior Chief.  SAR Swimmer

HC5 NAS Agana, Guam 11/2/84-11/5/86 SAR/Detachment Assignment Senior Chief.  H46 Plane Capt.  Vertrep/SAR Crewchief.  Special Operations Crewchief.  Detachments 4/6   Maintenance Senior Chief.  Advanced to AFCM 5/15/86.

PMRF Barking Sands, Kauai 12/4/86-11/30/90 Aircraft Maintenance Master Chief, UH3A Plane Capt. SAR Swimmer. Weapons Recovery Specialist and Rappel Master.

11/30/90 Retired.

Im 78 Years old.