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The Naval Helicopter Association Historical Society (NHAHS) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit public benefit, charitable corporation currently headquartered in Bonita, CA. Established in 1997 the organization was formed to “Gather, Preserve, and Display the Legacy of Naval Helicopter Aviation.” Come and explore our collection of written documents, squadron histories, personal biographies, sea stories, and videos.

About Us

NHA Historical Society is an active body of volunteers (active-duty and retired) and a Board of Directors (BOD) who meet frequently to discuss issues related to preserving the history of USN, USMC, and USCG helicopters. We actively look for opportunities to display our artifacts to grow our organization and we support the endeavors of the Naval Helicopter Association.



Do You Know Your Pilot Designator Number?

The NHA Historical Society will help you find your Helicopter Designation number when you received your Wings of Gold! You must be a NHAHS member to view this page. Click the button to look up for your designator number.



In honor of those Helicopter Pilots and Aircrewman that made a difference.

Flag Officer History

Recognizing those men and women of the Naval Helicopter Community that promoted to the rank of Flag Officer.

Squadron History

Look into the History of Naval Helicopter Wings and Squadrons over the years.

Commanding Officer History

A complete listing of all US Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Squadron and Wing Commanding Officers.

Squadron Organization

Check out our organization of each naval helicopter squadron, unit, or air station from past to present.

Search and Rescue History

Look into the History of Search and Rescue Missions over the years.

Signal Charlie

In honor of the fellow helicopter aviators and aircrewmen that passed on. Click Here to View.

Helicopter Squadron and Detachment Plaques

Check out our Gallery of Naval Helicopter Squadron and Detachment Plaques.

Helicopter Squadron and Detachment Patches

Check out our Gallery of Naval Helicopter Squadron and Detachment Patches.

NHAHS Exhibits

Take a look at our NHAHS exhibits.

Photo Gallery

Check out our Gallery of Naval Helicopter and miscellaneous related Photos.

Naval Helicopter Media Links

Check out our recommended Naval Helicopter media information including video, books, magazines and recommended websites.