NHA Oldest Helix

Oldest Helix

The NHA “Oldest Helix Award” is presented by the Naval Helicopter Association Historical Society (NHAHS) to the "oldest" and “most experienced” living Naval Helicopter Pilot.  The term “most experienced” will take precedence over age and equates to the lowest helicopter designation number. The current Oldest Helix as of 29 December 2021 is:

R-2771 - Paul L. "Scratch" Hryskanich, Age 91, CAPT USN (Ret.), 2/3/1956, LTJG

Birthdate 9 July 1930 Elmira Heights High School Class of 1947

The current runners up to the NHA Oldest Helix are listed below in order:

R-3413 - Harold “Hal” Hunt Age 85 2NDLT USMCR 4/5/1957 HTG-1 1STLT USMCR

R-3703 - LCDR Reed Carr, USN (Ret.), Age XX?, 9/16/1957, HTG-1 NAS Ellyson Field, Pensacola, FL

R-3737 - Howell Purvis, Age 87, ENS USNR-R, 10/8/1957, HTG-1, LT, USN (Ret.)

R-3977 - B. C. Lamberth, Age 88, LTJG USN, 3/7/1958, HTG-1, CAPT, USN (Ret.)

R-4195 - Arnie K. Fieser, Age 88, LTJG USNR, 7/9/1958, HTG-1, CDR, USN (Ret.)

R-5000 - William (Scotty) Renner, Age 86, CAPT, USN (Ret.), 11/18/1959 Birthdate 4/26/1935

R-5664 - Warren E. Aut  Age 89, RADM, USN (Ret.), 5/22/1961, First Winged as a LT in Fixed Wing Community in 1953

Previous Oldest Helix
CAPT Robbie Roberts, USN Ret.
at 107