Naval Rotary Wing Aviation Officer/Enlisted Biographies

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The people who have made up Naval Rotary Wing Aviation



Abshier, Randall O., CAPT USN (Ret.)
Alayon, Edel AD1 (AW/SW) USN (Ret.)
Arends, Stephen CAPT USN (Ret.)
Ball, John C. CDR USN (Ret.)
Barr, Mathew Hondo, CDR USN
Bickel, Brannon S. CAPT USN
Billings, Alan James, CDR USN (Ret.)
Boland, James F., "Bookie" CAPT USN (Ret.)
Brattland, Michael G. CDR USN (Ret.)
Brown, John A. Jr, CAPT USN (Ret.)
Brunett, Chris "Bruno" CAPT USN
Buchanan, Edward O. (Buck) CAPT USN (Ret.)
Buer, Eric F. COL USMC (Ret.)
Burke, Tomothy J. CDR USN (Ret.)
Bush, Carl F. CAPT USN (Ret.)
Buzzell, Brian V. CAPT USN (Ret.)
Cain, William Anderson "Andy," CAPT USN (Ret.)
Caine, Paul Eugene CAPT USN (Ret.)
Canady, Brent CAPT USN (Ret.)
Carron, Ryan CAPT USN
Carey, John Francis COL USMC (Ret.)
Catone, Richard A. "Dick" CAPT USN (Ret.)
Clark III, Augustus Walter "Gus" CAPT USN (Ret.)
Close, Robert CDR USN (Ret.)
Cook, Clarence L. "LeRoy" CDR USN (Ret.)
Conlon, Christopher M., CDR USN
Cox, James T. CAPT USN (Ret.)
Dull, Thomas CMC USN
Dzielski, Anthony J. (Tony) CAPT USN (Ret.)
Ford, Thomas R., CAPT USN (Ret.)
Fuqua, Michael T. "Frenchy," CAPT USN (Ret.)
Galdorisi, George CAPT USN (Ret.)
Garrott, Bruce D., CAPT USN (Ret.)
Gillcrist, James J. "Jim" CAPT USN (Ret.)
Haefner, Alan M. CAPT USN (Ret.)
Hanke, Robert R. CAPT USN (Ret.)
Hansen, Daniel L. CAPT USN (Ret.)
Howell, Dale CAPT USNR-R (Ret.)
Hulson, Roger Paul CDR USN (Ret.)
Hunt, Harold "Hal," 1STLT USMCR-R
Ireland, Ken, CAPT USN (Ret.)
Kaman, Lena C. (Buettner) "Sparkleberry," CDR USN
Kennedy, Kevin CAPT USN
McGrath, Patrick, RADM USN (Ret.)
Moulton, David W. CAPT USN (Ret.)
Murphy, Michael J. CAPT USN (Ret.)
Nelson, Arne John, CAPT USN (Ret.)
Nevius, Colleen, CAPT USNR (Ret.)
Olive, Jack CAPT USN
Oslund, Joellen Drag, CAPT USNR (Ret.)
Ott, Victor M., CAPT USN (Ret.)
Parthemer, Lloyd L., CDR USN (Ret.)
Peluso, Mr. Jospeh GS-14 DON (Ret.)
Personius, William S. CAPT USN (Ret.)
Reber, P. M. "Mike" CAPT USN (Ret.)
Roberts, Richard "Robbie," CAPT USN (Ret.)
Rocheleau, Sean CAPT USN
Rocheleau, Sean CAPT USN
Rogers, Earle CAPT USN (Ret.)
Rogers, J. Ernie CAPT USN (Ret.)
Ruth, Michael S., CAPT USN (Ret.)
Schreiber, Steven R., CAPT USN (Ret.)
Secades, Vincent C. CAPT USN (Ret.)
Skrzypek, Joseph, CDR USNR (Ret.)
Steiner, Walter K. CAPT USNR (Ret.)
Stevens, Paul H., CAPT USN (Ret.)
Squires, Monte A., CAPT USN (Ret.)
Thomas, Greg CAPT USN (Ret.)
Toone, Jim CAPT USN (Ret.)
Tornatore, Gary CAPT USN (Ret.)
Votaw, Jill Hawkins CAPT USNR (Ret.)
Yesensky, Douglas A. CAPT USN (Ret.)
Waldron, James E., CDR USNR (Ret.)
Whitfield, Howard M., COL USMC (Ret.)
Wynne, David CAPT USN (Ret.)