CAPT Dick Catone, USN (Ret.) following a memorial service for a fellow helicopter pilot, is credited with the following statement: “I guess we are all in starboard delta waiting for Signal Charlie.” Starboard Delta is the holding pattern for the airborne Search and Rescue helicopters on the starboard (right) side of the aircraft carrier. They fly at a low altitude so as not to interfere with the fixed-wing aircraft recovery pattern, and only land when the last fixed-wing aircraft is safe on board. When tower calls the helicopter to pass “Charlie” to a landing spot, the crew knows the fixed-wing recovery is complete, all is well, and it is time to come back. Hence, the statement appears appropriate that someday we will receive our own “Signal Charlie” and will be called home for a final landing.

Signal Charlie has been created to inform our membership and honor the passing of fellow unrestricted aviators. It is only as good as the information we receive. If you have an obituary or other information that you would like to provide concerning the passing of a shipmate, co-worker, or friend of the community please contact the NHA national office by email with a copy of the Obit in a word file along with a picture in jpeg format to CDR Mike Brattland USN (Ret.), Retired and Reunion Manager/Signal Charlie Coordinator for  NHA at and we will share the information here on the NHAHS Signal Charlie Page, in ROTOR REVIEW Magazine  and via email/social media to the NHA membership.



People wishing to make a financial donation and/or acknowledgement in the name of a deceased Naval Rotary Wing Community Member may write CAPT Bill Personius, USN (Ret.), Executive Director of the Naval Helicopter Association (NHA) / Naval Helicopter Association Historical Society (NHAHS) PO Box 180578, Coronado, California 92178-0578 or call 619 435-7139



CDR Joseph Steven Allen, USN

CAPT Christopher P. Arendt, USN (Ret.)

LCDR William I. “Bill” Armstrong, USN (Ret.)

LT Alfred J. Banford, Jr. USNR

LT Thomas Henry Ballard, USNR-Former

CAPT Frederic R. Bartlett, SR. USN (Ret.)

LCDR Jerry Francis Bennett, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Thomas J. Bernsen, Jr., USN (Ret.)

CDR Edmund W. Berry, USN (Ret.)

CDR Russell E. Berry, Jr., USN (Ret.)

CDR Kevin A. Bianchi, USN

LT Robert T. Bianchi, USN

CAPT Steven H. (Steve) Blaisdell, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Gerald Lee Bonnet, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Charles Olaf Borgstrom Jr, USN (Ret.)

CDR Matthew James “Matt” Bowen, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Ted (T.H.) Brown, Jr., USN (Ret.)

CAPT Bradley A. Butcher, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Paul E. Caine, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Jeffrey Reid Campbell, USN (Ret.)

LT Phillip Neil Canter, USNR-R

AWCS Rufus E. “Rudy” Carter, USN (Ret.)

CDR Guy Nathaniel “Yug” Caruso, USN (Ret.)

CAPT William McBrayer Calhoun, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Martin L. Chamberlain, USN (Ret.)

CDR Pierre Numa Charbonnet III, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Carlisle Hugh Childress, USNR (Ret.) 

ADR1 Martin  (NMN) Childs, Jr., USN (Ret.)

RDML Ronald “Rabbit” Christenson, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Steve Anders Coakley, USN (Ret.)

CDR Barry W. Coats, USN (Ret.)

CAPT George Timlin “Tim” Conaway, Jr., USN (Ret.)

CDR John “Jack” Joseph Connelly, USN (Ret.)

CAPT John “Jack” Patrick Costello II, USN (Ret.)

CDR Charles David Craft, USN (Ret.)

CDR Michael J. Crum, USN (Ret.)

CAPT John S. Daly, USN (Ret.)

CDR Thomas R. Dean, USN (Ret.)

CDR Ray Doggett, RN (Ret.)

CDR Terry M. Druffel, USN (Ret.)

CDR Robert Grady Duff, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Robert K. (Bob) Doane, USN (Ret.)

CAPT William  Andrew “Duke” Domingue, USN (Ret.)

LCDR Mark Eugene Doub, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Francis M. “Frank” Dreessen, USN (Ret.)

CAPT A.F. Emig, USN (Ret.) NHA Founder

CAPT Jack R. Evans, USN (Ret.)  

CAPT Rick Fenn, USN (Ret.)

AMS2 Stephen Jack Farrell, USN Former

CDR Frank E. Fields, USN (Ret.)

CDR Arnold (Arnie) K. Fieser, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Lynd L. Fitzgerald, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Thomas Lee Freeland, USN (Ret.)

CDR Donald Gordon Futral, USN (Ret.)

LCDR Joseph W. Gardner, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Richard “Rick” Grant, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Don Gregory, USN (Ret.)

CDR Rodger Greissel, USNR-R (Ret.)

CAPT Robert C. Haas, USN (Ret.)

LCDR John (Jack) Halloran, USN (Ret.)

CDR Donald E. Ham, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Robert R. “Bob” Hanke, USN (Ret.)


CWO4 Willard Anthony Haver, USN (Ret.)

CDR Donald J. Hayes, USN (Ret.) NHA Founder

CDR Harry A. Heatley, USN (Ret.)

CAPT John A. Hickey, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Duane James Hofhine, USN (Ret.)

 CDR Marc Del Homan, USN (Ret.)

CAPT John M. “Jack” Hood, USN (Ret.)

CDR George E. Hurley, USN (Ret.)

CDR Alan W. Jacka, USN (Ret.)

AD1 John “Ski” Janiski, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Dick Johnson, USN-(Ret.)  

VADM Donald S. Jones, USN (Ret.)

LT Thomas McKittrick Jones, USNR

CAPT Joseph G. Kamrad, USN (Ret.)

CAPT John Scott Kistler, USN (Ret.)

CAPT James “Buddy” Iannone, USN (Ret.)

LCDR Maruice Turner “Morie” LeGare, USNR

LT Phillip “Skip” Roy Lehrfeld, USNR

CAPT Robert Emory Leonard, USN (Ret.)

CDR Steve F. Letchworth, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Roger William Lloyd, USN (Ret.)

CDR Michael “Greek” Loizos, JR., USN (Ret.)

LT James H. Love, USN

CDR John Charles “Jack” Macidull, USNR (Ret.)

CAPT William Chambers Mackey III, USN (Ret.)  

CAPT James A. Magee, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Kenneth T. Marion, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Emiddio Massa, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Michael L. Martin, USN (Ret.)

CDR Matthew Mark Matthias, USN (Ret.)

CDR James Archibad McCallum, USN (Ret.) 

CAPT William C. McCamy, USN (Ret.)

LCDR Danny O’Neil McDonald, USN (Ret.)

CDR Gerald W. “Jerry” McDonald, USN (Ret.)

CDR Hugh Francis Mclinden, Jr., USN (Ret.) NHA and NHAHS Founder

CDR David R. Meleski USN (Ret.)

 CDR Frank Lewis Mixner, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Al Monahan, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Louis Morris, USN (Ret.) 

CAPT James Frederick “Fred” Mozley, USN (Ret.)

CAPT William J. Mulcahy, USN (Ret.)

CAPT J. Michael Murphy, USN (Ret.)

CDR Robert Scott Murphy, USN (Ret.) 

CAPT Dale Phillip Myers, USN (Ret.)

Mr. Harold Nachlin-A Founder of NHA and NHAHS

CDR Richard Earl Nahlovsky, USN (Ret.)

CDR P.W. Nicholas, USN (Ret.) NHA Founder

CDR Robert Richard Niemczyk, USN (Ret.)

CDR Drury “Chip” Charles Nimmich Jr., USN (Ret.)

CAPT Edward C. Nixon, USN (Ret.) Former President Nixon’s Youngest Brother

CDR David John Noland, USN (Ret.)

CDR James George “Jim” O’Keefe, USN (Ret.)

AWRC Manuel “Manny” Otero Jr., USN (Ret.)

CDR Lloyd L. Parthemer USN (Ret.)-former CO of HC-7 Sea Devils and a founder of NHAHS

Mr. Joseph A. Peluso GS-14, DON-Ret

CAPT Edward Allen Pencek, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Paul Anthony Pensabene, USN (Ret.)

CDR H. V. Pepper, USN (Ret.) NHA Founder

CAPT Lowell E. Perry, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Eric L. Peterson, USN (Ret.)

LCDR Thomas L. Phillips, USN (Ret.)

CAPT W.D. “Bud” Pocklington, USN (Ret.)

CWO3 Phillip T. Poisson, USN (Ret.)

CAPT James Frederick Ponzo, USN (Ret.)

CAPT William Charles Powell, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Lawrence David Presnell Sr., USN (Ret.)

CAPT Joseph M. Purtell, USN (Ret.)

CAPT John Maye Quarterman Jr., USN (Ret.)

LCDR John Mark Reid, Jr., USN (Ret.)

CDR William Scott Reed, Jr., USN (Ret.)

CAPT Roy Resavage, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Richard “Robbie” Roberts, USN (Ret.)

CDR Robert L. “Bob” Roberts, JR., USN (Ret.)

CAPT William “Bill” Roop, USN (Ret.)

LT Richard Samuel Ruble, Jr., USNR

RADM Frederic Richard Ruehe, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Melvin A. Runzo, USN (Ret.)

CDR Charles S. Sapp, USN (Ret.)

LT John Hunter Schmitt, USNR

CDR William “Bill” John Seffers, USN (Ret.)

CDR Bernard V. Shanal, USN

CDR George Siedel,  USN (Ret.)

CAPT Charles P. Silva, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Glenn Skinner, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Chuck Smiley, USN (Ret.)

CDR Wilton J. “Jerry” Smith, Jr., USN (Ret.)

CDR Walter Staight, USN (Ret.) NHA Founder

LCDR Robert F. Stevens, USN (Ret.)

CDR David V. Stoddard, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Carl J. Stokes Jr, USN (Ret.)

CDR David Allan Stull, USN (Ret.)

CAPT William R. Stuyvesant, USN (Ret.)

Mrs Betty Stuyvesant

LT Dennis Victor Sullivan, USNR

CAPT Sherman R. Snyder, USN (Ret.)

COL John Telles, Jr., USM (Ret.)

RDML William E. “Bill” Terry, USN (Ret.)

LCDR Chris Thomas, USN (Ret.)

LCDR Laurence “Larry” Bennett Timm, USN (Ret.)

LT J. Wesley Van Dorn, USN

CDR Mark Bass Vaughan, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Robert S. Vermilya, USN (Ret.)

LT Richard Walloch, USNR-R-NHA Founder

CAPT Kenneth “Tiny” Michael Warmbir, USN (Ret.)


CDR James Dwight Wilkinson, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Raymond M. Wikstrom, USN (Ret.)

CAPT George Eugene Wilson, Jr., USN (Ret.)

CAPT Warren Howey Winchester, USN (Ret.)

CDR Robert “Bob” Wolfe, USN (Ret.)


Petty Office Al Zappala

CAPT William E. Zidbeck, USN (Ret.)




HAL-3 names below are linked to their pictures-Click on their names!


HC-6 Chargers who have reported to our Supreme Commander-Signal Charlie

Many thanks to Jeff Berger for compiling this information on the HC-6 Facebook Group page. JEFF BERGER·THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2018  To have a name added, please provide as much information as possible to include rank, rate, and date of death. Please email your information to

CAPT Ron Beougher 17OCT09

AT2 (AC) Daniel Rex Biddle 03OCT95

AT3 (AC) Patrick Bleakney 10JAN94

AT2 (AC) John Lukas “Big Sexy” Boyd 05JAN15

LT Guy Henry Brown 20FEB77

LCDR Marvin J. Bulson 13SEP99

Airman (AC) John W. Burkhardt Jr 23JUN90

AD1 (AC) Steven G Carlson (Date of death unknown)

LCDR Joe Cerda 28JUL87

CDR John J. “Jack” Connolly, Commanding Officer, 12JAN18

LT Harry “Buck” Crouthhamel 13MAY82

CAPT John L. Dailey Jr 20MAR12

AVCM Joseph Dyess 15JUN95

AD2 Greg Elkins 24JUN82

CDR Mike Feichtinger 22JAN14

AT1 (AC) Norman H. Geisel 23JUN90

AT1 Scott Allan Gustafson 18MAR03

AT3 Eric M. Hakel 03OCT95

AMH1 Samuel Leslie Hemphill 22JAN14

LCDR Jim “Huffer” Huffman 17MAY14

ADJ1 Neil G. Hyerstay 15MAR97

AD1 (AC) John F. “Ski” Jasinski 24MAY18

AMS1 Glenda Jessup, 21MAR09

CDR George I. Kuykendall 15MAR16

LT Bradley (Brad) Lewis (Date of death unknown)

LT James H. Love 19DEC90

CAPT Jim Magee, Commanding Officer, 16MAY18

AMSAN Joseph “Jody” Clifton Mangum 03JUN18

AECS (AC) Jeffery Markel 11JUN13

AK3 Dan Marquis 15SEP16

CDR Mike Masica 09NOV16

ADC Donald McDermott (Date of death unknown)

LT. Ronald J. Mobayed 03OCT95

CDR Robert Scott Murphy 06APR18

AMS (AC) Willam Mac Newberry 02DEC17 (Rank unknown)

CWO3 Larry Kevin Newbern 28JUL10

LT Robert J. Okoniewski 16SEP91

LT. Edward “Randy” O’Neill 10JAN94

LT Jane T. Paradeis 23JUN90

CAPT Eric Peterson 04NOV02

CAPT Charles Edward Plaugher, Commanding Officer, 05JUN06

AEC Roger Rau 27OCT17

AD3 Dennis C. Ricks 04APR03

AD2 Victor J. Rodowicz Jr. 17NOV14

LT Dan Russell ??AUG80

AT3 (AC) Joseph Robert Sevit 21AUG15

LT. Michael Tanner 10JAN94

LT Christian Gerard Taylor 17NOV91

AT1 Robert Turner 18MAR16

ADC Salvatore Tuttobene (AKA ‘Tut’ and ‘Sal’ and ‘King Tut’) 04NOV07

AD1 Louis Valdor 20SEP77

AEC Bill VanderHey 28AUG81

LT. Robert W. Vogel 03OCT95

CDR James Robert Walker 06FEB12

AE3 Russ Ward 20SEP77

CDR P. Douglas Wilkes 21DEC12

CAPT Beverly Wilson Witherspoon, Commanding Officer, 14SEP13



AD1 (AC) Steven G Carlson (Date of death unknown)

LT Bradley (Brad) Lewis (Date of death unknown)

ADC Donald McDermott (Date of death unknown)

AMS (AC) Willam Mac Newberry 02DEC17 (Rank unknown)

LT Dan Russell ??AUG80

PO Cash. PO Jacobs. AN Johnson. Double Nuts 152554 17 Sept.75